We are extremely delighted to bring you in conjunction with USA, the world exclusive premier of our new video and forthcoming single, ‘Pale Blue Dot’.

Click here for Dimensionaut’s transmission.

“Our music is deeply inspired by a universally-driven perspective and reality. I have a book, ‘The Home Planet,’ full of beautiful photos and memoirs of many astronauts who have all gone up to space with a specific job to do.  Whether they were scientists, engineers or pilots of those ships, they all very quickly realized how precious and fragile we all are looking back down on Earth.

Our lyrics in the song, “I went up a scientist to find out I’m only human”, is a direct reference to the truth in the memoirs in that book. They all went up to space as scientists and came back down to Earth as humanitarians.

If every single one of us on this planet could have a glimpse, like those astronauts, can you imagine what a different world we would live in? We would all feel compassion, forgiveness and we would have peace on Earth. That’s what this song is all about.  Our character, Dimensionaut (and the title of the album), finally has this glimpse as he begins his evolving journey. This chapter of his journey is vital, as he makes it one of his first missions to journey back to Earth and share that experience with as many people as he can.

We live in a world full of many levels or forms of poverty, but spiritual poverty is ironically a reality to many of us who have it all but still feel empty inside. This is what we are capturing in the video for the song. I know it will resonate with many…”

-       Simon Collins/Sound Of Contact”